Questions & Answers

  • What areas of law are best covered by the law firm?

    LIKAR Law was founded by Arno F. Likar in 2005 and sees itself as a dynamic, modern, internationally-active Business Law Firm. More information about our lawyers´areas of expertise are available under the icon “AREAS OF EXPERTISE“.

  • What clients are served primarily?

    We primarily advise small and medium sized companies, international active undertakings, incorporated foundations, financial service providers at a supreme level, agriculturists, professional persons, sportsmen and artists, landlords and tenants, incorporated societies as well as (wealthy) individuals on every specific legal issue at full length.

  • Is support possible with projects abroad?

    Our activities reach well beyond Austrian borders: We advise and support our Austrian clients in their engagements abroad, especially in Slovenia, Croatia, Germany and USA and as member of an international network (AEA) in every major city in the world. In larger cross border transactions we co-operate with well-known business law firms as well as with local counsels. However, the sole contract responsibility remains with “LIKAR Law”.


  • Do you offer advice on GDPR?

    Yes, two of our managing partners are specialized since many years in:

    • Review of the existing situation (audit), especially with regard to the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (enforced since 25 May 2018)
    • Proposal for a policy and establishment of a Data Protection Management System, respectively
    • Education and training of Data Protection Officers
    • Taking over the function of an External Data Protection Officer


  • When was the Law Office founded?

    LIKAR Law was founded by Arno F. Likar (structuring of real estate and equity holding transactions, M&A, due diligence, private clients) in 2005 and sees itself as a dynamic, modern, internationally-active Business Law Firm. 2008 the law firm was transformed into a private limited company, 2010 Peter Griehser became Partner, acknowledged expert in all issues regarding digitalization and IT-law; since 2014 Markus Tutsch, specialized in company restructuring and real estates, complements the team of lawyers. 2015 Walter Korschelt, expert regarding data protection and labour law, became another Partner of the law firm.

  • Could you support me with brand registrations?

    We would be glad to check your company symbols about their adequacy of protection and that they do not conflict with older rights of third parties. To descide for which goods and services you want to register your brand you can use the Nice Classification. We would be happy to advise you individually and personally and clearly present you the charges arising with brand registration.

  • I need help with starting a business!

    At the beginnging of an incorporation of an enterprise there usually is an idea and the effective implementation of it. Thus, first af all a corresponding business plan should be created and also the financing volume clarified. At this stage of process you should involve and consult a (legal) advisor that has your confidence, already.


  • Do you offer GTA / website reviews, too?

    For a flat rate of EUR 480,00 plus VAT we check if your website and your corresponding General Terms and Conditions meet the requirements of the E-Commerce Law and in particular the Media Law. Extensive reviews are required for especially large websites and online-store-solutions; thus, in these cases we ask for your understanding of different flat rates.

Our Service is based on our General Terms and Conditions, exclusively!